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At Turbotech we value quality and only stock quality products. We want you to have confidence in our product too which is why we offer a 1 year warranty on all of our Turbo Chargers and Exchange Units. The one year warranty covers all Turbo Chargers and Exchange Units, whether purchased in store or online. View our warranty terms and conditions here:

Turbotech™ Warranty Certificate

New and remanufactured turbochargers

TURBOTECH hereby warrants the attached Turbocharger assembly delivered hereunder to comply with the manufacturers specifications and is free from defects in new parts fitted and workmanship at time of service and/or repair. The warranty periods are determined as follows (whichever occurs first). TURBOCHARGERS serviced on licensed highway petrol vehicles – 12 months. Turbochargers or cartridge assemblies supplied new on licensed highway petrol and diesel vehicles – 12 months. TURBOCHARGERS serviced on licensed highway diesel vehicles, earthmoving, fishing or gen set– 12 months. Twelve (12) months warranty is extended after delivery if the unit is not used. The following warranty conditions apply to a TURBOTECH Turbocharger unit.
  • 1. Inthe event of a warranty claim, the turbocharger unit is to be returned to TURBOTECH, in a complete and untampered condition. If the unit has been altered, dismantled or has had any attempted repairs carried out on it without the approval of a TURBOTECH technician, then the warranty shall be void.
  • 2. Should a warranty claim be made on a turbocharger unit, TURBOTECH reserves the right not to undertake to dismantle or reassemble or bear the cost of dismantling or reassembling the equipment to which the turbocharger assy is a part.
  • 3. Any accident, mis-use, neglect or negligence of the turbocharger unit during transit or after its delivery is the purchasers responsibility.
  • 4. TURBOTECH must be notified in writing of a defect or non-conformity of a unit within the warranty period and the defective unit returned to TURBOTECH within 30 days of such a discovery.
  • 5. Upon reporting the defect or non-conformity of a unit to TURBOTECH, the unit is not to be continued in its operation and risk possible further consequential damage.
  • 6. The purchaser of the unit under the conditions is expected to record and maintain data and records accurately stating operation times and maintenance performed. At the request of a TURBOTECH representative the purchaser shall give access to such records for substantiating warranty claims.
  • 7. All warranties apply only to the original purchaser of the turbocharger unit.
  • 8. This warranty is void in the following circumstances:
  • a) Where any unit is used for competition spots or record breaking attempts.
  • b) To any such vehicle in which periodic maintenance has not been performed under the manufacturers guidelines by the original purchaser.
  • c) In the event of repairs being carried out by other parties.
  • d) Any damage caused from the mis-use of/or use of incorrect fuels or oils.
  • e) Any induction into the unit of foreign objects by means of the air, exhaust or oil passages.
All other warranties being forwardly expressed, implied or statutory, being any warranties, merchantability or fitness for the described purpose are hereby excluded and disclaimed due to exceeding of the warranty herein. In any event TURBOTECH shall not be held liable for consequential or incidental damages.

Fitting Instructions

The following recommendations may be taken into account along with the engine operation guide.
  • 1. Inspect/clean/replace air cleaner element, oil filter, gaskets, pipes and fittings.
  • 2. Clean mounting area and install new gaskets where applicable. (fit oil feed and drain gasket dry) do not use tread tape or silicone on any gaskets.
  • 3. Tighten all nuts, bolts and screws to manufacturers torque recommendations. Check torque tension on turbocharger v band clamps which sometimes are left loose to facilitate turbocharger orientation when fitting to engine.
  • 4. Prime the turbocharger with oil before starting engine. It is usual to hold the stop lever of the engine shut whilst turning the engine on the starter motor until a flow of oil is noticed from the oil return drain of the turbocharger.
  • 5. Start the engine and check for leaks, unusual noises etc. If vehicle fitted with actuator, boost check vehicle and set to manufacturer’s specifications. Fuel pump settings to be adjusted by a fuel pump injection company and then lead sealed. Fuel pump may have to be removed to carry out fuel pump settings.
  • 6. If any problem is noticed then report same to staff at TURBOTECH immediately. Do not continue to operate the unit as damage which is a consequence of any further operation of the turbocharger will not be covered under warranty.


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